Hello! My name is Michelle Precourt.
I am a Recruitment Expert and Career Coach.
I am glad you found me.


My goal with my job strategy and coaching packages is to help you stand out. You are here for a reason, right? You are in search of something new, something fresh, something different with your career. That is what happened to me. I lost my work life balance. I wasn’t present at home. At some point, it all became too much and that’s when I stopped, paused and re-started.

I took some time to think about the parts of my work that I love and the parts that I could do without. The parts that I love involve interacting with people and being of service to others. More specifically, it involves coaching individuals on recruitment best practices; how to prepare for an interview, re-working a resume or offering suggestions what language to use on a cover letter. Maybe that’s what you need? Or maybe you need some help in figuring out how to stop and how to re-start your career. I am here to help.

I have been commended for my professionalism, my voice of reason and sense of calm. I am well versed in all that is recruitment, from all sides; the recruiter, the hiring manager and the job seeker. I have played all parts. In my experience, the most challenging part to play is the job seeker.

I want you to have a good understanding of what you want for your future. For some, it will simply be the desire to do something different. For others challenging work experiences, lack of work life balance or differences in leadership styles may be the impetus for a change. Understanding these situations and recognizing feelings associated with those experiences will provide awareness. It is this awareness that I would like us to tap into. This will be key to finding a challenging work environment that also provides you with a sense of fulfillment. Everyone wants to contribute in a meaningful way. It is my intent to support you in finding employment that provides meaning and purpose.