You are not driven...

I wasn’t seeking a promotion like she was. I had different goals but, at that time I wasn’t clear on what that meant. Maybe that is why in her eyes I appeared to be unmotivated. As it turned out the next step for me was to pause and reflect. That was not easy. I was always chasing time. I was fixated on deadlines. Pausing meant I was wasting time. Pausing meant I had more emails to respond to than I did before. Living in a world of perpetual movement doesn’t just stop because you need it to. It is like a merry-go-round, once you stop spinning, it takes time to before you can get off.

During my time of reflection, I used #meditation and #journaling to find my way back into the working world. Meditation is a means to focus, that’s it. I sat and contemplated. I asked myself, how do I want to contribute? How do I want to be of service? I thought about my skills and how I could leverage my experience into something new. Journaling helped me write out my thoughts and my realizations. This is how Recruitment Coaching By Michelle Precourt came to be. It is a privilege to be of service. I want each client to feel supported in their #career journey. I want each client to leave me with a solid understanding on how best to move forward and have the appropriate resources needed to succeed. This engagement with my clients, this is what drives me.

Michelle Precourt is a Career Coach, Recruitment Expert and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. She has blended her 15 years of recruitment experience with her Hatha and Yin teacher training that provides for a diverse approach in her work. Learn more about Michelle and her work at