#Top 10 Interview Tips

1.  Prepare – Do your research. What are the company values? Have they been in the news lately? Does the company provide back to the community? Use this to your advantage…speak to your knowledge of the company during the interview.

2.  Practice – Ask a friend or family member to interview you. Get comfortable with this form of questioning.

3.  Be on Time – Map out your commute. If you can, do a dry run in the days ahead. This way you will know where to park or where the bus drops you off. Give yourself an extra 20 minutes. Early is WAY better than late.

4.  Sleep Well – Get some rest the night before or at least try…

5.  Hydration & Nutrition – Eat something, preferably healthy and drink water before your interview. It is also OK to bring water with you to the interview. Dry mouth isn’t good!

6.  Cultivate Excitement – Use language that demonstrates you are excited about this opportunity (#1 will help with this too!). Some simple examples are: I am happy to be here today. It seems you have a really great team here at Circus Acts and More. I am excited to hear more from you in the coming days. You get the idea.

7.  Be Curious– Be prepared to ask questions and ask questions that are important to you. Also take note of what the interview panel is asking of you? Have they hinted to the culture? To the environment? Do you really want to invest YOU into this company? A lot can be learned from really tuning into what the interview panel is asking you.

8.  Relax – Breathe, notice and feel. Sweaty palms are common. It is OK to be nervous. In fact, most interviewers expect that from candidates. Take a big breath. You will be OK.

9.  Exude Confidence – Take your time in responding to questions. Speak clearly with confidence. Be proud of your accomplishments…speak to what you know.

10.  Show Appreciation – It is a fact that smiling reduces blood pressure and anxiety. Smiling will also show you are appreciative of those you have met. Finally, thank the interview panel for their time and once you get home, send a short thank-you email.

Michelle Precourt is a Career Coach, Recruitment Expert and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. She has blended her 15 years of recruitment experience with her Hatha and Yin teacher training that provides for a diverse approach in her work. Learn more about Michelle and her work at https://michelleprecourt.com/