Preparing Alone...

I remember back in my 20’s when I was applying for jobs, I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t ask anyone to proof read my cover letter or résumé. I didn’t ask anyone to help me with interview preparation. I wrote alone. I prepared alone. I worked in isolation. In some ways, applying for a job was some sort of secret, back room process that unless I got the job, I didn’t want to tell anyone. Maybe in my own way, I didn’t want to tell anyone in case I didn’t get the job. If I was rejected no one would know. I wouldn’t have to publicize my failure. I also know that I didn’t feel comfortable in asking for help. I felt that asking for help was a bad thing. All this sounds so silly now, but the idea of failure is not. The idea of asking for help isn’t always easy. The thing about doing this alone is that:

Career changes are life altering! It affects your livelihood! It is crazy to do this alone!

When we ask for help, it provides an opportunity to connect with others. It strengthens relationships. As we share, we learn. As we share, we grow. When you do ask for help, those who truly care about you will be there for you. They will proof read your application. They will ask you interview questions. Your friends, your family want the best for you. They want you to be successful.

We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.

~Brené Brown – Rising Strong.

Michelle Precourt is a Career Coach, Recruitment Expert and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. She has blended her 15 years of recruitment experience with her Hatha and Yin teacher training that provides for a diverse approach in her work. Learn more about Michelle and her work at