What is Success?

What is success?

Success is defined as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’ but the question is, do you know what you are aiming for? Do you know your purpose?

Perhaps success is power, influence, money, recognition, respect...the list is vast because the thing about success is that it is different for everyone. In order to feel successful, you need to think about what makes your work, your contributions and your efforts, successful.

Know what success is to YOU. It could be a million dollars before the age of 40. It could be working a 20 hour workweek for greater work-life balance. It is important to define what it is you want...not chase the dreams of others.

What you are you passionate about? What brings you joy? Make a list. Write it and rewrite it. Be sure these words, situations and descriptors resonate with you. When you look at this list, does it make you smile? Does it energize you? If not, try again. You have to work for it! Success won’t simply show up at your doorstep. It will likely take a number of missteps along the way but perseverance and tenacity to keep showing up will pay off. Work at it every day!

Surround yourself with the right people. If you hang out with slugs, you’ll feed off that energy. Be with people who are successful, who support you, who challenge you, who inspire you and help you be your best self. You will begin to build a network of successful people who will become your trusted advisors - your support system. This support system will energize you and drive you to success.

Have a positive outlook. Negativity breeds negativity. Positivity breeds positivity. Either way, you will get sucked in. Shift your mindset to a positive mindset. Reflect on what you can improve on, learn from it but stay positive.

The definition of success is yours, and yours only but having a strong picture of what you want is key to achieving your success.

Michelle Precourt is a Career Coach, Recruitment Expert and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. In addition to providing first-rate career coaching, she draws from her yoga expertise, instructing clients in calming techniques for better interview performance and workplace success.  When Michelle is not working, you will find her practicing yoga at a local studio or hiking in nature with her partner. Learn more about Michelle and her work at https://michelleprecourt.com/