In business, if you are not selling your product or service you are not making money.

From time to time we need to pause and ensure we have the right people, in the right role and the right time. It is important to confirm that your talent pool is in order to fulfill your strategic goals.

But ask yourself,

“Do I have the expertise to assess this?”

Here is how I can help.

I work with you to understand your corporate values, leadership principles and culture. I support you in marketing your company as a great place to work, assist in attracting and retaining employees for the long term, helping to reduce recruitment costs.

Allow me to be a strategic recruitment business partner and support you with:

  • Increasing your team talent

  • Multi-site expansion (regionally, nationally, internationally)

  • Filling recurring positions

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Project specific needs

  • Delivery of recruitment best practices boot camps

Together we will:

  • Source talent that fits your needs

  • Hire faster, smarter and attract better quality candidates

  • Create a fair and legally defensible recruitment process that will support your brand reputation.