You may be thinking, why meditation? How is meditation and my search for a new job connected? Here are my thoughts...

1. Greater Self-Awareness. As a job seeker, self-awareness is important. This awareness will help focus your energy where you need it most. That may be upgrading your education, increasing your career network or something else that you had not considered. Meditating will tap into these insights.

2. Increased Confidence. Self-awareness also highlights your areas of expertise. This is so important when seeking new employment. Knowing you are good at something will help you stand taller. Employers not only want smart, loyal, trustworthy employees, they want confident employees!

3. Decreased Anxiety. In terms of anxiety, we all have bouts of it from time to time but your best you will come out when you relax.

To get the most benefit from these recordings, I recommend finding a quiet space, using a headset or ear buds and finding time each day to commit to your meditation practice. Drop me a note and let me know how you make out. I'd love to hear from you!